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For over 30 years Profurl has been designing, developing and marketing hi-tech products that combine safety, ease of use at sea and high performance.

Whatever your sailing programme, the size of your boat or your budget, you will always find a Profurl system suited to your own style of cruising.

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Product Focus

NEXe flying sail furler asymetric spinnaker gennaker sailing boat marine hardware

NEXe: motorized flying sail furler
Furl and unfurl your flying sails (code zero, gennaker, asymetric spinnaker) safely and easily with NEXe, the motorizd flying sail furler from Profurl. For  sails up to 250m²
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A full range of products :

Manual jib reefing-furling systems : 2 ranges available: Cruising and Regatta for boats from 5m to 26m (16 ft to 85 ft)

Motorised reefing-furling systems : hydraulic or electric models for boats from 13m to 26m (43 ft to 85 ft)

Furling systems : continuous line or drum,

In-boom reefing-furling systems : 5 solutions available for boats from 5m to 18m (16ft to 59ft)

NEXe: motorized flying sail furler by Profurl!

NEXe: motorized flying sail furler by Profurl!

When sailing short-handed, the operation of large sails on 45 – 60 foot sailboat can be complicated. NEXe aims at easing furling and jibing operations by controlling the sail...
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Route du Rhum - A first place for Françis Joyon 

Route du Rhum - A first place for Françis Joyon 

Françis Joyon, the IDEC skipper, won 1st place on the Rum Route in 7 J, 14h, 21M and 47S. IDEC, 80 feet trimaran, now triple winner of this race, is fully equipped with Profurl...
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NDE2: motorized furlers

NDE2: motorized furlers

Profurl launches its new range of motorized furlers called NDE2 for boats from 9 to 22m. Comfort, Reliability and Safety Download the complete documentation HERE
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