C260: Manual reefing system with self -contained halyard - Cruising - Max forestay dia: 5 mm - Boat length: 5 à 7 m

General description

This Profurl system was designed for boats between 5m and 7m (16 ft to 23 ft). Inexpensive, easy to install on the existing stay, and maintenance-free, it is ideal for light boats.
  • Easy, fast installation: The C260 is easy to fit on the boat's existing stay, whether the stay terminal is an eye and jaw or a rigging screw. It is very easy to dismantle since it has no connectors.
  • Self-contained halyard: The C260 is a self-contained halyard furling system which allows the forestay to be tensioned by reducing mast compression. The masthead sheave box allows the halyard to be led back through a block and clutch.
  • Easy to use: When the sail has been hoisted and trimmed, the free halyard is used as a furling line.

Technical description

Name : C260  
Range : Cruising
Max forestay diameter : 5mm (13/64'')
Boat length : From 5 to 7m (16ft - 22ft)
Standard furling length (others) : 6.5 m and 8.5m (21ft and 27ft)
Extrusion length : 2m (6 6')
Extrusion shape and colour : Round and silver anodised
Clevis poin diameter (mm) : NA
Feeder : No
Luff line diameter : 6mm (15/64'')
Double luff groove : Yes
Removable drum : No
Furling line diameter : 6mm (15/64'')
Drum capacity : Diameter of the furling line: 6mm (15/64'') 7,6m
Max LP : Diameter of the furling line: 6mm (15/64'') 4m
Max genoa area : 15 sqm
Standard fitting : Closed to the deck
Warranty : 10 year


  • Reefing kit: Option: 20 m reefing line dia 6 + 1 stanchion block art Wichard  60125 + 3 stanchion blocks art Wichard 60025