NDEC 420

NDEC 420: Cruising electric furler - Forestay dia: 10mm - Boat length: from 13 to 15 m

General description

Simplicity, power and reliability...

Ease of use:
Profurl electric reefing-furling systems ensure carefree, effortless cruising using their push-button operation. The self-locking, non-reversible mechanism prevents accidental unfurling, and its operation is practically silent.

High performance, maintenance-free systems:
Profurl chooses high-performance, reliable materials to ensure long working life. The special marine grade aluminium gear motor is given an anti-corrosion treatment, and is finished in oven-baked paint. The luff extrusions have been designed to resist high torque levels. In common with all Profurl systems, their sealed ball bearings are packed in grease, eliminating any risk of corrosion and making them impermeable to impurities such as water, sand or dust.

Low energy consumption is a key factor on a yacht, and a Profurl motorised furler requires very little power. An additional battery is not necessary. Furling and unfurling the headsail consumes no more energy than displaying the navigation lights for 20 minutes.

Easy to rig:
Profurl furlers are fitted directly on the existing forestay. The drive tube under the gear motor can be cut so as to adjust the position of the system to the deck layout and to your own requirements (anchoring, optimising the headsail luff, etc).

Aesthetically pleasing solution:
Profurl motorised systems are both elegant and discrete.  They integrate perfectly into the most modern deck designs.

Converting your manual system to a motorised system:
It is possible to convert a manual Profurl furler into a motorised system with the motorisation kit (please refer to the motorisation kit data sheet).

Installation manual to download


  • Circuit breaker: inclusive
  • Contactor unit: inclusive
  • Crank handle: inclusive
  • Extra extrusion: option (length: 2m)
  • Turnbuckle cylinder: option