NEX 8.0

NEX 8.0: Flying sail furlers

General description

Discover NEX: the new generation of flying sail furlers, developed through Profurl's know-how and R&D.
NEX has been developed to improve performance of your yacht and ensure safe, optimum deployment of your flying sails. NEX is made for every sailor, professional or amateur.

Lighter, more compact, more effective, ergonomic and easier to use, NEX furlers really make a difference!

  • Performance: optimisation of component sizes and weights, optimal spool diameter for improved ease of handling.
  • Safety: the furling line is blocked during deployment of sail and thus prevents accidents.
  • Easy to use: quick and ergonomic sail attachment device, quick and easy line fitting, simple tuning of the system.
  • Innovative terminals: NEX offers a wide range of terminals offering functionality, lightness and optimised size.

NEX 8.0 is delivered on standard with eye and halyard block as terminals
The max sail area (light sail) is 250 m².
Application example: multihull 60'

Technical description

Name : NEX 8.0  
Model : With spool
Working load : 8T
Type of sails : for light sails (gennaker, code zero) and heavy sails (solent, staysail...)
Lower terminal : Lashing eye
Upper terminal : Halyard block
Anti twist torque rope Ø : max 20 mm (25/32'')
Continuous line Ø : 10mm (25/64'')
Weight / spool : 1,800 Kg - 3.960 Lbs
Weight / swivel : 0,900 Kg - 1,980 Lbs
Height / drum mechanism : 105 mm - 4 1/4'' inch
Drum diameter : 210 mm - 8 9/32'' inch
Height / swivel : 105 mm - 4 1/4'' inch
Width / swivel : 70 mm - 2 3/4'' inch
Furling line : No delivered
Warranty : 3 year


  • Maintenance free systems sealed in grease bath (except the NEX 0.9)
  • Specific coating to ensure longer product life

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