Halyard brake

H800, H1012, H1416

General description

The Profurl halyard brake allows to brake the mainsail halyard during furling operations and avoids dead turns around a winch. An easy and efficient use: when hoisting the sail , the halyard runs free on the two shaves which reduce the friction and chafe on the halyard. When furling or dropping the sail, the halyard is braked automatically by the system. The fitting of the brake is easy as it can be fitted on any aluminium mast and placed at the exit of the current halyard. Before using the system for the first time, the amount of the braking can be adjusted with a simple adjustment screw according to the rope diameter. 3 models are available: H800 for a 8 mm halyard diameter - H1012: halyard diameter between 10 and 12 mm - H1416: halyard diameter between 14 and 16 mm.