Profurl and off-shore racing

Profurl and off-shore racing :

Our involvement in off-shore racing began in 1982, when Philippe Jeantot won the BOC Challenge on Crédit Agricole. Since then, Profurl has always been associated with off-shore racing's greatest exploits. In 2008 Profurl distinguished itself once again as Françis Joyon's technical partner for his new solo round the world record on IDEC.

We have the very best references!
Vendée Globe 1996 : Victory of Christophe Auguin
Vendée Globe 2000 : Roland Jourdain's 3rd place on Sill
Vendée Globe 2004 : Jean Le Cam's 2nd place
on Bonduelle
2005 : Françis Joyon's solo round the world record
on IDEC (72 days)
2005 : Roland Jourdain's 2nd place in
Jacques Fabre Transatlantic Race
2006 : Olivier de Kersauzon's record
Pacific crossing on Géronimoo
2006 : Roland Jourdain's victory in
the Route du Rhum on Sill & Véolia
2008 : Françis Joyon's round the world
record on IDEC (57 days)

agandir - veolia-165

Profurl and Roland Jourdain,
skipper of Véolia Environnement

agandir - rolandportrait-164

Profurl has been working for several years with Roland Jourdain, winner of the last Route du Rhum in 2006 and skipper of the 60 ft Open Véolia Environnement, as his technical partner. During this collaboration, Profurl has been supplying him with specially developed headsail furling systems (furlers, stockers and hooks). In 2008 Roland competed in the Vendée Globe for the 3rd time
Roland Jourdain's web site :

Route du Rhum - A first place for Françis Joyon 

Route du Rhum - A first place for Françis Joyon 

Françis Joyon, the IDEC skipper, won 1st place on the Rum Route in 7 J, 14h, 21M and 47S. IDEC, 80 feet trimaran, now triple winner of this race, is fully equipped with Profurl...
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NDE2: motorized furlers

NDE2: motorized furlers

Profurl launches its new range of motorized furlers called NDE2 for boats from 9 to 22m. Comfort, Reliability and Safety Download the complete documentation HERE
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