Research and innovation

Research and innovation


Profurl products are subject to research and development by our R & D team made up of yachting engineers before yachtsmen have the opportunity to use them. The use of leading edge CAO software supported by close cooperation with our customers (boatyards and professional skippers), has enabled Profurl to follow a policy of innovation. We introduce new products that are simple to use, tough and of very high quality. The concrete result of this approach is the introduction of innovative technologies applied to our products, such as the principle of carbon steel ball bearings or the system of doubled guard arms.

Innovative technology :

Profurl's ambitious policy of innovation has led it to develop concepts which are now recognised as genuine technological advances.

• Carbon steel ball bearings :
Reliable operation... The ball bearings are one of the essential components of a reefing-furling system. This is why Profurl opted for carbon steel ball bearings packed in grease within the sealed drum. As stainless steel is "softer" than carbon steel, stainless steel balls tend to be crushed under high loads. As a result, it is difficult to operate the furler. Conversely, carbon steel balls are tougher so they allow the furler to operate correctly even under high loads. On some reefing-furling systems a thrust ball bearing is associated with the bearings in the halyard swivel to provide additional load compensation. …maintenance-free  :
The ball bearings are sealed in grease to eliminate any risk of corrosion. Additionally, two double-lipped seals ensure that the drum and halyard swivel are totally impermeable to sand, salt and water, or other impurities. You can forget about maintenance with Profurl reefing-furling systems!

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• Doubled guide arms on manual
reefing-furling systems
During furling or deployment of the jib the furling line can pass under the drum, which jams the system and obliges the crew to intervene. To avoid this type of problem Profurl fits doubled guide arms on all its reefing-furling systems, except the C260. This system eliminates any risk of riding turns or the line pulling out of the furler because it is guided by the two arms.

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• Removable drum :
The drums on all manual reefing-furling systems, except the C260 and C290, can be removed in a few minutes by unscrewing the 4 screws that retain the drum flanges. The main advantage of this is to allow the system to be changed into a simple twin groove forestay to obtain a racing configuration.

• Wrapstop: a patented Profurl exclusivity
The Wrapstop is fitted between the reefing-furling system and the top of the stay, and prevents the headsail halyard wrapping around the stay. It keeps the spinnaker or replacement halyards clear and prevents the swivel being pulled out of the connectors if the sail is too long or too tight. It also avoids the need to fit a halyard fairlead, so it eliminates halyard chafe.

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• The luff line feeder:
Made from 316L stainless steel, the feeder's specially designed hemispherical jaws reduce friction and enable the jib to be raised and lowered with no risk of damage. It is easy to fit because no tools are required. Once the sail has been rigged the feeder is removed and stored in the chart table

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Route du Rhum - A first place for Françis Joyon 

Route du Rhum - A first place for Françis Joyon 

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NDE2: motorized furlers

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