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2010 Route du Rhum: 2 first places for Profurl!

The trimaran Groupama 3 wins the 2010 Route du Rhum and IDEC (F Joyon) takes second in the Ultime Category. These tow giants (100 feet for Groupama 3 and 80 feet for IDEC) are fully equiped with Profurl furling systems. Congratulation to the two skippers for their great performance!

Profurl systems on board Groupama 3:
  • NEX Hybrid 20T flying sail furler for gennaker
  • NEX Hybrid 25T flying sail furler for solent jib
  • 40T stayfurler for staysail
Profurl systems on board IDEC:
  • 16T stayfurler for staysail
  • 30T stayfurler for solent jib
Route du Rhum - A first place for Françis Joyon 

Route du Rhum - A first place for Françis Joyon 

Françis Joyon, the IDEC skipper, won 1st place on the Rum Route in 7 J, 14h, 21M and 47S. IDEC, 80 feet trimaran, now triple winner of this race, is fully equipped with Profurl...
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NDE2: motorized furlers

NDE2: motorized furlers

Profurl launches its new range of motorized furlers called NDE2 for boats from 9 to 22m. Comfort, Reliability and Safety Download the complete documentation HERE
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