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Mini Transat 2013: introducing Arthur Léopold-Léger

Arthur Léopold-Léger is a promising young sailor who looks set to become one of France’s great skippers of offshore racing.  
With an impressive list of achievements already under his belt, Arthur joined the professional circuit at the age of 28 and quickly moved up from the Mini-Transat for 6.5 metre vessels to sailing in the Solitaire du Figaro and the Vendée Globe aboard a 60 footer.  
Passion, commitment, tenacity and courage are Arthur’s values.
A trained aerospace engineer, Arthur has already built his 6.5 metre racing yacht, a veritable concentrate of technology.  
He has called it the Delcroix–Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque in reference to Dr Francine Leca’s charity Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. When the boat will be sold off, a donation will go to the charity to save a child suffering from a serious heart condition.

"A Mini 6.5 for me? First and foremost it’s a childhood dream which turned into an adventure six years ago when I launched the project and started to search for funding, and I’m not quite there yet!
Having Wichard/Profurl as a partner has allowed me to try out systems which can improve the boat's performance, especially in terms of handling! It makes the boat faster and I can save my energy for other things, knowing that it’s reliable!"

Route du Rhum - A first place for Françis Joyon 

Route du Rhum - A first place for Françis Joyon 

Françis Joyon, the IDEC skipper, won 1st place on the Rum Route in 7 J, 14h, 21M and 47S. IDEC, 80 feet trimaran, now triple winner of this race, is fully equipped with Profurl...
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NDE2: motorized furlers

NDE2: motorized furlers

Profurl launches its new range of motorized furlers called NDE2 for boats from 9 to 22m. Comfort, Reliability and Safety Download the complete documentation HERE
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