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2013 Mini Transat: introducing Julien Pulvé

It was at the age of 9 that Julien first stepped foot on a boat, an Optimist. Julien joined the French hopefuls team and won bronze in the 420 world championships. He then went on to win the OPEN 5.7 world championships in 2009 and 2010! A dinghy sailing champion, Julien now has offshore racing in his sights and has been sailing in the Mini 6.5 category...

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Mini Transat 2013: introducing Arthur Léopold-Léger

Arthur Léopold-Léger is a promising young sailor who looks set to become one of France’s great skippers of offshore racing.   With an impressive list of achievements already under his belt, Arthur joined the professional circuit at the age of 28 and quickly moved up from the Mini-Transat for 6.5 metre vessels to sailing in...

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Joyon sets North Atlantic solo record

French yachtsman Francis Joyon smashed the solo North Atlantic record on Sunday by over 16 hours with a new mark of five days two hours and 56 minutes. The 57-year-old, who left New York on Wednesday at the helm of his 30m multihull Idec, bettered the old mark of 5 days 19hrs 29min set in 2008 by compatriot Thomas Coville. The multihull...

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Françis Joyon: crossing the Atlantic Ocean

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2013 Mini Transat: Profurl is suporting Arthur Leopold-Léger

The German quality seen by Arthur! You alos have the opportunity to become a sponsor Click on the link below: </iframe

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Mini Transat -2013

Profurl is supporting Julien Pulvé

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2010 Route du Rhum: 2 first places for Profurl!

The trimaran Groupama 3 wins the 2010 Route du Rhum and IDEC (F Joyon) takes second in the Ultime Category. These tow giants (100 feet for Groupama 3 and 80 feet for IDEC) are fully equiped with Profurl furling systems. Congratulation to the two skippers for their great performance! Profurl systems on board Groupama 3: NEX Hybrid 20T...

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