C420: Manual reefing system - Cruising - Max forestay dia: 10 mm / 12.7 mm* - Boat length: 13 à 15 m

General description

Reliability, toughness and long-life: Profurl's Cruising range of reefing-furling systems are designed for coastal cruising, blue water cruising, or even sailing around the world. Cruising reefing-furling systems are designed to last and integrate the best of Profurl's proven technology to guarantee both your safety and your sailing pleasure.
Why choose Profurl?
  • Maintenance-free: Sealed ball bearings are packed in grease, eliminating any risk of corrosion and making them impermeable to impurities such as water, sand or dust.
  • Reliability: Systems are made from materials chosen for their toughness and reliability. The drums are made from dimensionally stable plastic, the ball bearings are 100 C6 carbon steel, and the snap hooks are forged by Wichard.
  • Easy to use: Profurl reefing-furling systems accessories (standard or not) are designed to simplify manoeuvres, such as the feeder (standard), the Wichard opening pre-feeder or the hinged attachment which replaces snap shackles to ensure fast and easy rigging of the sail.
  • Safety in use: Doubled guide arms avoid any risk of riding turns or the line coming out of the reefing-furling system. Specially adapted nuts for heavy loads are supplied on large systems (480 upwards).
  • Choice of installation options: Depending on the deck configuration or your specific requirements, our manual reefing-furling systems can either be fitted flush with the deck, with long link plates, or below the deck.
  • Warranty: Profurl manual reefing-furling systems are covered by a 10-year worldwide warranty.
​*: The C420 model can be fiitted with 12.7 mm forestay. In that case a swageless eye is mandatory and the sail area recommanded must be respected as well as the drum capacity.

Technical description

Name : C420  
Range : Cruising
Max forestay diameter : 10 mm (3/8'') rod 22 / 12.7 mm (1/2'') -rod 40
Boat length : From 13 to 15m (42ft - 45ft)
Standard furling length (others) : 16m (18 and 20m)
Extrusion length : 2m (6 6')
Extrusion shape and colour : Round and silver anodised
Clevis poin diameter (mm) : 10/12/14/16/19/22/25
Feeder : Yes
Luff line diameter : 5mm (13/64'')
Double luff groove : Yes
Removable drum : Yes
Furling line diameter : 8 or 10mm (5/16'' or 3/8'')
Drum capacity : Diameter of the furling line: 8mm (5/16'') 31,4m - Diameter of the furling line: 10mm (3/8'') 20,1m
Max LP : Diameter of the furling line: 8mm (5/16'') 26m - Diameter of the furling line: 10mm (3/8'') 12,5m
Max genoa area : 80 sqm
Standard fitting : Closed to the deck
Warranty : 10 year


  • Opening luff rope prefeeder: option
  • Swivelling attachment device: option
  • Long link plates: option
  • Stainless steel locking devices: option
  • Turnbuckle cylinder: option
  • Reefing kit: option incl: 25m reefing line (dia 8mm),                 1 stanchion block art Wichard 60125, 4 stanchion bloks art Wichard 60025