MK4R - In-boom furler with luff profile - For boats from 15 to 18 m -Maximum foot length: 7,0 m

General description

Safety, simplicity and efficiency…

System components: The in-boom furling system includes:

  • An open boom containing the furling mandrel around which the sail is rolled.
  • A drum at the forward end of the boom to furl the sail.
  • Hinged luff extrusions at the rear of the mast which pivot in conjunction with the boom. Available on MK2R, MK3R and MK4 in-boom furling systems.
  • A sheave box rigged above the luff extrusions that guides the halyard up to the masthead.
  • A rigid boom vang that automatically maintains the ideal angle for perfect furling.

Safe and easy handling:
With a Profurl in-boom system, going to the mast to reef the main is a thing of the past. All operations are performed with the mainsail furling line from the safety of the cockpit. Whether raising, lowering or reducing sail, the crew can operate in complete safety.

Hyper-efficient system:
Profurl in-boom furling systems are designed to operate with a fully-battened mainsail optimising the yacht's performance. Unlike an in-mast furling system, the reduced weight aloft is both a safety factor (no excessive heel) and contributes to better performance.

As with all Profurl systems, in-boom furling systems require no special maintenance.

Profurl in-boom furling systems can be fitted to most masts with sliders. The boom profile can be cut to adapt it to the length required for the boat. For the system to function correctly the mainsail must be made to special specifications. (Please contact Profurl or one of our dealers for more details).


Technical description

Name : MK4  
Model : In-boom furler with luff profiles
Maximum boat displacement : 24000 Kg - 53000 Lbs
Maximum foot length : 7,0 m - 22 11' Ft
Maximum luff length : 21 m - 68 10' Ft
Boat length : From 15 to 18m (49 - 59ft)
Full battened mainsail : Yes (following Profurl specifications)
Boomvang : Push effect
Painting : Anodised or gloss finish (on demand)
Furling line : Inclusive
Block : Inclusive
Extra luff profile : Inclusive (2m)
Warranty : 3 year


  • Finish: option, anodised or gloss finish (color to be precised)
  • Profurl fully battened mainsail: option (contact Profurl)
  • Cut at length: option