Freins de bôme

Gyb'Easy from Wichard and other boom brakes

General description

Profurl offers 3 models of boom brake which aim to brake the boom during jinbing operations. For the MK0R, MK1R and MK2R models, Gyb'Easy the Wichard boom brake allows to gybe safely and without jerks. Thanks to the use of a specific line called Gyb'Flex which passes over the different opening of the brake, the friction allows the boom to gybe smoothly. For the MK3R in-boom furler, two Walder models are available: 403H model (for 5 m boom) and HYPER model (for 6m boom).

  • Wichard Gyb'Easy boom brake: inclusive on MK0R and MK1R - on demand for MK2R
  • Boom brake: 403H and HYPER: on demand on MK3R


  • Gyb'Easy boom brake: anodised aluminium