Comfort, safety and performance

The Profurl in-boom furlers are dedicated to furling, raising and lowering fully battened mainsail. Hoisting or reefing the mainsail is a simple and safe operation as the control of mainsail is performed from the safety of the cockpit thanks to the furling line. As the opposite of other systems, the Profurl in-boom furlers are designed also to increase boat performances by reefing fully battened mainsail with a standard roach.

Two types of systems:

Profurl offers two types of in-boom furlers:
> The MK0R and MK1R models are equipped with a Dacron luff sail and profile integrating a feeder and a luff track
> The MK2R, MK3R and MK4 models integrate aluminium luff profiles.

The Profurl benefits

> Large range of products to be installed on boats from 5 to 18m
> 5 models available
> Ease of use: one furling line
> Can be fitted on most boats with aluminium masts
> Fully battened mainsail to improve boat performance
> Maintenance free
> 3 year world wide limited warranty