Innovation and performance

Following several offshore sailing victories including the last Vendée Globe, Profurl swivel locks are recognized as the reference for their proven reliability. Installed on the outer side of the mast, the Profurl swivel locks reduce mast compression and enable optimal operations ensuring safety and performance. Find out how the Profurl swivel lock operates by clicking on the link HERE

Why choose a Profurl swivel lock?


  • Improves the performance of the boat
  • Proven reliability during operations
  • Optimized weight and dimensions
  • Reduces mast compression
  • Ideal for solo or short-handed sailing

Swivel locks Swivel locks range

  • 5 models : 2.5T, 4T, 6T, 8T, 12T
  • For flying sails fitted to a furler
  • Outer installation on mast
  • Guaranteed working loads 
  • Sailing program: offshore racing, racing, fast cruising