New NEXeLITE 6.5 - motorized flying sail furler

07 | 09 | 2023

The motorized flying sail furlers range called NEXeLITE expands with a new model

NEXeLITE 6.5. Designed for furling flying sails up to 250 sqm, this new model brings comfort and fast operations. It’s the ideal solution for short-handed crews and solo navigation. The NEXeLITE 6.5 will allow you to furl and unfurl easily any flying sails like code 0 and gennaker in less than a minute.

The NEXeLITE 6.5 offers a number of advantages, making it easy to use:

  • The motor technology (multi-motor) is already tried and tested on Profurl NDE2 motorized furlers, ensuring reliability and performance.
  • Weight and dimensions have been optimized and make it even easier to handle. 
  • NEXeLITE6.5 can be used either with a radio controller or a wire remote controller (optional). The crew can furl and unfurl the sail from the comfort and safety of the cockpit.
  • The new deck socket has been specially designed to connect quickly and easily to the boat.
  • The NEXeLITE 6.5 is delivered with a protective cover, a storage bag and a relay unit, cable, and deck sockets, making it easy for professionals to install.

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