NEXelite 4.0, the new motorised flying sail furler

01 | 09 | 2022

The latest event at this autumn’s trade shows, come and discover the new Profurl NEXelite 4.0 motorised flying sail furler.

Designed for sailing boats from 11m to 15m, the NEXelite allows sailors to easily and safely furl their flying sails up to 140 m². It’s the ideal solution for short-handed crews and solo navigation.

The NEXelite 4.0 offers a number of advantages, making it easy to use:

  • A light weight (only 5kg for the motor block) and optimised volume makes it even easier to handle. 
  • The motor technology (multi-motor) is already tried and tested on NDE2 motorised furlers, ensuring reliability and performance. You can furl a gennaker in less than a minute.
  • Used alongside a radio control (optional), the crew can furl and unfurl the sail from the comfort and safety of the cockpit.
  • The new deck socket has been specially designed to connect quickly and easily to the boat. The design is discreet, helping prevent accidents and ensuring that sheets are not blocked.
  • The NEXelite 4.0 comes with a protective cover, a storage bag and a relay unit, cable, and deck sockets, making it easy for professionals to install.

Download the leaflet